Pupil, Driving Instructor & Examiner Covid 19 Driving Lesson Protection

This procedure is in place to protect both driving instructor and pupils against Covid 19. Unfortunately, If you are unable to comply or object to any part of it, you will not be able to take a driving lesson with Freedom Motor Training, unless you can provide a genuine medical reason and an adjustment can be accommodated. This must be raised at least the day prior to the driving lesson and there is no guarantee an adjustment can be made.

 Before commencing the day’s driving lessons your driving instructor will have a temperature check.

 Car will be disinfected with Isopropyl Alcohol 70% spray & all touch surfaces wiped down, between each driving lesson.

 On pick up for your driving lesson, your driving instructor will be wearing a facemask.

 On arrival for your driving lesson, you will have your temperature taken with a non-contact laser temperature gauge. If ok, your driving lesson will continue. If not, your driving lesson will be rearranged for after 10 days and you are symptom free. No temperature check pass = no driving lesson.

 You will be given alcohol based hand sanitiser for your hands before entering the car. Rub it well in, including palms and fingertips. Your driving instructor will do the same. Hands not properly sanitised = no driving lesson.

 On your first driving lesson back, (or your first driving lesson), you will be given a facemask free of charge. Remember to pinch the top of the mask, tightly around the top of the nose. This will provide better protection and prevent glasses from misting up. On all future lessons you must bring this or another mask or you can be supplied one for £1. No mask = no driving lesson.

 If you arrive to your driving lesson with extra items, such as bags or coats, these must be stowed in the boot of the car.

 On your driving lesson, windows will be left slightly opened to allow airflow within the car.

 When being shown training materials, such as pictures or diagrams, please do not touch those materials.

 If at any stage you need to stop the vehicle due to feeling uncomfortable with the facemask or any other reason, please say so right away and we will find a safe place.

 On driving lessons longer than 1 hour, we will exit the vehicle for a couple of minutes each hour to catch our breath, air the car and to resanitise our hands.

These measures are purely designed to protect each other and to prevent cross infection to others, including other pupils and driving examiners. I hope everyone understands and fully co-operates, in trying to make things, as safe as possible.

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